Friday, May 30, 2008

Recovery Days

I know it's a recovery day when...
1. For the life of me, I couldn't tell you what time it is. It could be 7 a.m. or 3 p.m. Frankly it all feels the same.
2. All I can do for the kids is construct a train track, feed them snacks and keep them busy. I pat myself on the back if I actually have a clear enough mind to read a book aloud to them.
3. I only have energy to put my hair in a wet, messy bun...when undone I look like an eighties rocker...please don't ask for pictures.
4. I realize that there's a load of wash waiting for me, a grocery list to be made and a baby needing a nap...but somehow blogging about it feels therapeutic on this crazy recovery day .

Minnesota in Retrospect Part 1

I've come to the conclusion that while I only inherited 10 percent of my mother's energy, Cath has inherited close to ninety percent...which makes her probably the most energetic 27 yr old Mommy on that side of the Mississippi. Even being 4 weeks post partum, she gets things done in her house at lightning speed. Hence I did not end up helping her as much as I had hoped. Maybe when we see each other at the beach I can cook a bit more for her! Anyhow, I will continue to journal random memories and thoughts as they come to me...By the way, John Paul and Gabe are in major withdrawal. They were asking for Freddy's room last night in tears! I'm thinking Freddy's happy to have his room back although it seemed he really did enjoy his cousins.

Minnesotan Moments

Here are some little moments. Monica with Grandma. Luis with his catch. John Paul and Gabriel on a fishing dock with Grandpa and Daddy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trip almost over

Hi everyone! Our trip has been wonderful and despite my best intentions I never got around to posting pictures...I'll do that once we're at home as part of the "recovery" process. But we've had a blast with Cath, Tom and kids. Cath's an all star for hosting a family with 3 young children 4 weeks post partum. The boys are in their prime. A major highlight for them has been sleeping in Freddy's room- their very first sleepover! Their backyard has proved to be a heaven for our little guys and our days have included all kinds of fun little experiences...trolley rides, ice cream, the Como Zoo, fishing, throwing sticks into Lake Harriet, meeting new people and simply enjoying Daddy's "home" state (for the most part). Cath and I snuck away this afternoon for some girl time and I stocked her up on some little pink Mommy pleasures like a new bag and some cute headbands to dress up an ordinary day. So here I am typing away, sad to leave tomorrow, but departing with many good memories...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hi From Ridgeview Drive

Hey all. We just unpacked at Cath and Tom's house on Ridgeview Drive, Edina, MN. It's pretty much amazing. The kids are so happy here and we're chilling out. Luis and Tom already broke open the beer. Monica's napping in the closet, literally. She's a great napper as long as it's dark with her noise maker so we made things work here by putting a bed in the closet and darkening it with a sheet. I love thinking outside of the box with my third child. Anyhow, I'll post pictures of the Baptism later. It was beautiful.
Later Everyone.
PS- I want to hear from Greg and John. Come on guys. Do you even check this thing? If so, give me some love!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hola! from Minnesota

We've been in Minnesota for a week now staying with the Browns in good old West St. Paul. So far the trip has included: one eye infection (me of course), Sunday Mass at the beloved St. Michael's with the classic coffee and donuts afterwards, a great choral concert and party following (classic Brown style with all kinds of delicious food), a trip to the Nature center, fishing with the boys, the zoo, lots of Caribou Coffee (our midwestern espresso of choice) and lots of good moments at the house (meals, games etc.). We look forward to Gemma's Baptism on Friday afternoon. By the way, a belated Happy Birthday shout out to Cath who celebrated her b-day this past Monday the 19th! (27 right?! I can't even keep track of my own age let alone htat of my siblings). We'll be staying with Cath and Tom next week and I'll take more opportunities to post stories and pictures there. Thanks to Grandma AnaMaria, Grandpa George and Uncle Andres for hosting us here on Christensen Ave. and putting up with the early morning chatter of our children. Welcome to our world guys! And if I could only sign out with a recorded version of my "up north" accent (which is actually pretty good) I'd give you all a warm Minnesotan goodbye...
PS- By the way...I'l get Luis to post on this sooner or later. He's just not that into it yet...but just you wait!
PPS-Shout Out Thank You to Emily for taking care of Nemo our fish and watering our gardens!
PPPS- Shout Out Hello to Greg who apparently has taken over our living room using our computer to continue his job search/ resume project. Enjoy the comfy couch!
PPPPS- Shout Out Hi to Jen. I got kinda used to taking care of her over last week because she's so sick and pregnant. We look forward to seeing ALOT of you and Lydia when we return!
PPPPPS- Shout Out to my bro John. I had a blast last week in the kitchen with you and Greg. We came up with the philosophical connection between cooking and, science and pleasure. Look forward to more lazy Summer evenings. Don't you dare get too busy with a class and work to come over for chill our time at our house.
PPPPPPS- The above is actually my typed version of a Minnesota goodbye which is ridiculously long and sentimental. Hope you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pics of FUS Graduation

Here we have a pic of the whole crowd Friday night after the Mass. Next is a pic with our good family friend Fr. Dennis Gang. Then we ran into Cath's friend Kara and her Dad from MN so I couldn't resist posting a pic for Cath to see. Of course I had to include a pic of Greg with all his cute girlfriends. Lastly I tried to grab a good shot of Greg receiving his diploma but it was a bit difficult with 3 kids fighting for my lap during the ceremony. Thanks to the help of Grandmom and Uncle John we made it through! Congrats Greg! Welcome to DC.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Greg's Graduation

Tomorrow I head out to Steubenville for Greg's graduation. Luis has to stay back to facilitate First Holy Communions on Saturday and the last Sunday of CCD. I almost cancelled the trip because I was so anxious about how the kids would handle the long car ride and all of the events. Everything has worked out wonderfully. We snatched up a hotel room in the Hampton, the same one Mom, Dad and John are staying in. And our room has a jacuzzi. So if nothing else, the kids will enjoy the hotel! Emily will be with us for the car ride also which is a huge bonus. Anyhow, we're all proud of Greg. He's finished all of his credits! I can't wait to see him in the cap and gown. He's truly put out a great effort to get to this point. I heard through the grapevine that he even took a painting course this past semester. He'd better not throw away those projects because we all want to see Greg's inner artist! I'm also looking forward to hitting some of my favorite spots on the steal cross where Luis and I would meet in the wee hours of the morning in the midst of pulling all nighters to finish papers. And of course there's the Portiuncula where I spent countless hours sitting in the simplicity of the stone chapel getting to know God hidden in the monstrance. I just love that whole area with the Marian grotto, the Stations of the Cross and the tomb for the unborn. I joked with Em about taking a run down the halls of Tommy More dorm with the double stroller. Dad has not been to FUS since before his accident so I'm sure he will enjoy the weekend very much. Well, let's hope for safe travels and I hope to post lots of fun pictures Sunday night!

Random Childhood Memories

This one's more for the siblings and cousins than grandparents. I had a random moment yesterday as I was preparing finger paints for Gabe at the sink. Something about the smell of the paint, soap and water together evoked the memory of playing in the backyard for hours with Jen, Cath and Jaye composing and choreographing shampoo commercials by the pool. I remember my shampoo of choice was "white rain" and we came up with a little catchy song that I sang on the diving board before gleefully jumping in with my shampoo bottle. What about you guys? Do you remember this? Who had the Prell commercial?! Did we have fun or what?! We could talk about our Disney plays but I think that's for a whole other post...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nature Walks and other fun things

Moments from our weekend up in Malvern. Bummer I didn't think to take pics with Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Sherry! I was camera happy at the nature center and also totally forgot to take pics with Grandad Pierce; although I assure you my mother probably has plenty. All together it was a great visit. Here's a rather funny tidbit: I had packed a plastic potty for John Paul thinking it would be a much easier way for him to relieve himself on the road (the thought of taking 3 kids in a stroller into a rest stop is pretty much my nightmare). I thought we could just pull over, he'd use it, I'd pack up the goods and throw them out. Done deal. Well, poor John Paul didn't have to go until the last 10 minutes of the trip home. I apologized and didn't stop until we were in our home parking spot. With tears in his eyes but very determined, he insisted on using the plastic "car trip" potty even though we were home. It was a dramatic ending to the whole thing but it all worked out. Thank God.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Weekend Getaway

This weekend Luis is on a personal retreat. I made a spontaneous decision to spend it up in Malvern with Grandad and Grandmom Pierce. Life's too short! Before my kids start a real school schedule I'm going to live it up traveling on a whim. So far we've enjoyed good food, gone to the Great Valley Nature Center, visited with Great Uncle John and Great Aunt Sherry and totally enjoyed the back yard. Since the pool was filled in, there is an expansive green area perfect for running and small trike like vehicles. Mom and I might even watch a chic flick together later after the kids are asleep- "Enchanted"...will post more later!