Wednesday, May 13, 2009


It was so bittersweet to hear the news of Gram's passing this past Saturday May 9, 2009. Bitter because separation is hard. Sweet because she lived a long good life believing in the One who made her and loved her. Now I am so happy that she can rest in this love while being reunited with her family...most especially Grandad Jack Pierce and her son Edward (or was it James according to Mimi?!) that she lost at childbirth...
We know now that we are mysteriously more in touch than ever. Time and space are no longer barriers. Rather than getting lost in the sorrow of the reality of family distances, I am finding myself humored and consoled by the connection I feel to Gram when I pick up my rosary beads. She used to always embarrass me by mentioning (ad nauseam) that I got her to pray the rosary more. Now I can joke with her that SHE's the one getting ME to pick up that ancient daily prayer habit. Like her, I have trouble keeping my attention focused through the whole thing. When we used to pray it together, she would pray about a third or so of the prayers and call it a day! The scriptural rosary does the trick.
The new header picture is of Gram and Monica touching fingers last August during our last visit with her. It was really a wonderful visit and Gram put out a wonderful amount of positive energy for us. I am so grateful for that memory.
Gram, we love, love LOVE you!!!
May Perpetual light shine upon you.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, i had forgotten about that awesome hand picture! yay!
I'm so glad you got back and blogged :)
We were all so lucky to have known Gram so well and for so long...more than most grandkids get i think!
Jax said that she said the rosary with Gram the day before she died and that it seemed to really comfort her. My mom made sure she had her beads in her hands during her last night (i made sure she had her teddy bear!)

Jacks3607 said...
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Jacks3607 said...

Wonderful picture! Gram was quite a gal! My kids enjoy the stories of Gram through the years - what a life! As we were gathered around Gram's bed those last few hours there were tears but many more laughs (as she would have wanted it). I believe she knew she was loved by all of us at the end.

Catherine Berg said...

Oh Cal, I love the pictures of Gram, esp. that first one of Monica and Gram's hands - just gorgeous. She was quite a woman, and I am looking forward to celebrating her life with everyone. It still doesnt feel real that she is not with us anymore. Great to see you blogging again, Cal.

Lorrie and Fred said...

Thanks Carolyn! We all learned so much from our wonderful Mom and Gram. She had such a big heart and sense of fun. I too am looking forward to sharing our stories.

James said...

cal, i'm so sorry that you lost your dear gram. the pictures are just priceless as your memories will be as well, i am sure. prayers for your family and may she rest in peace. love, mary

teresa anthony said...

Thanks Cal for the wonderful pictures and memories of your dear Grandma Betty, as we always called her.

She had such a vivacity for living - it was contagious! I still remember her Christmas Eve dinners that she made in her apartment (was it sloppy joes over the hot plate?). We would all cram together in there (invariable one or another Pierce family member would breeze in a bit late after some last minute shopping :), and Grandma Betty had her chance to host the Pierces plus whichever McDonnells could join you that given year. It was so much fun!

Thanks for sharing about the Rosary - I'll be sure to ask for Grandma Betty's help in being more faithful with my own sporadic commitment to the rosary (and distraction problems :)